The sprockets.clients.statsd package implements a simple statsd client that is used by the sprockets.mixins.statsd package. It can be used in your applications for sending metric values to statsd.

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sprockets.clients.statsd is available on the Python Package Index and can be installed via pip or easy_install:

pip install sprockets.clients.statsd


The default statsd server that is used is localhost:8125. The STATSD_HOST and STATSD_PORT environment variables can be used to set the statsd server connection parameters. Note that the socket for communicating with statsd is created once upon module import and will not change until the application is restarted or the module is reloaded.

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Please report any issues to the Github project at https://github.com/sprockets/sprockets.clients.statsd/issues


sprockets.clients.statsd source is available on Github at https://github.com/sprockets/sprockets.clients.statsd

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